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Nuts and Bolts (N&B) mentoring group is committed to improving the quality of Engineering and Science graduates coming through the academic system in Nigeria. We have a wide range of mentors who are attached one on one with undergraduate students in Nigerian universities. These undergraduate students use their period of mentoring to learn from the experiences of their mentors. Majority of our mentors passed through the Nigerian academic system and hence understand the challenges faced by the students and are in a good position to give valuable advice. In addition, majority of our mentors have gathered experience in the industry both within and outside Nigeria. It is thus a great opportunity for the mentees to tap from diverse experiences.

In addition to our mentoring cycle, we also organise workshops. Our workshops cover technical topics like hands on MATLAB tutorials and non-technical topics like how to work in teams. Our workshops are free of charge and we have had over 100 students in attendance at various workshops held at the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

In February 2017, we will start a 5 weeks project management course for Engineering students at the University of Lagos. This PM module will be taught by US trained professional who is also an alumnus of the University of Lagos, Akoka. For this pilot project, we aim to train 15 students on skills required to excel as a project manager. This workshop will be held 100% online and it is important that participants MUST have access to the internet at the designated time (between 2pm and 3pm Nigeria time).


Selection of candidates will follow a 2 step process.

  1. Prospective students will complete an application form. It is important that the students are spread across the entire departments in the faculty. Commitment to completing the five weeks module should be used as part of the selection criteria. The first 50 applications will be considered.
  2. Of this number, N&B will conduct an online test which will screen the number to the final 30.
  3. The 30 students will be interviewed and 15 students will be selected.

The selected students will then be briefed/interviewed via an online induction event (details will be communicated later).


N&B is committed to providing excellent project management introductory lessons to participants. This training will hold on Saturdays and will last for about 90 minutes per week. The participants will be given some exercises as homework and there will be a series of in class ‘tests’.

The resource person is a US trained project manager with many years’ experience in the field. As a trained Engineer, he fully understands the needs of Engineering students when handling projects. Please note that only a certificate of participation will be given at the end of the workshop. This certificate will only be given to those who complete the 5 weeks training and who score above the pass mark as recommended by our resource person.


Every selected participant must commit to attending every lecture at the workshop. The participants MUST also be punctual at lectures. All assignments and Exams MUST be done without any help from external sources as prescribed by the resource person.




NYSC Talk and Debate




FOR: John Akinwamide, Roses Ita Enang


Judges: Dr Dipo Awojide, Dr Akin Adetutu

Format of the debate:

Each participant from both teams (2 participant per team) will be given time to speak based on their preselected views (first speaker team A, first speaker team B, second speaker team A then second speaker team B). After all 4 have spoken, the judges will be given the opportunity to critically question the teams based on the points they have raised. Each participant will be allowed to respond to the judges. The judges are allowed to respond if they feel the participant hasn’t fully answered the question. The audience will also be allowed to ask questions and finally each team will ask the opposing team a question each. The judges will then decide on the winner based on content of the delivery and the answers given to questions by each team.

Resources for Debaters

Academic Views


Views from Nigerians


Pros and Cons of NYSC


Omotola Jalade Ekehinde’s view


Olufemi Oluwaseye’s view

NYSC Talk and Debate

Format: Interactive talk involving 5 panellists and online interaction. There will be opportunities for questions and answers from audience (on site and online)

Venue: Loughborough University. There will be live broadcast on the internet for online viewers. There will also be a tweet broadcast using a hashtag. The video and tweet broadcast will enable Nigerians from all over the world to participate and ask questions.

Proposed Date:  February 2016

Collaborators: NutsandBoltsNG and Nigeria Society, Loughborough University

Moderator: Sam Ubido (President, Nigeria Society, Loughborough University)

Panellists: Dipo Awojide, Chika Amadi, John Akinwamide, 3 others (more info coming)

Deliverable: A paper would be developed from this forum and posted online.  Paper will be developed by Dr Akin Adetutu; Dr Ayodeji Akiwowo; Dr Sola Afolabi

The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) was established in post-Civil War (1967-1970) Nigeria in order to, among other things, “raise the moral tone” of Nigerian youths, make them “more amenable to mobilisation in the national interest”, inculcate a sense of patriotism, and promote national unity.

Today, the question of the relevance of the NYSC is widely debated. It is not uncommon to find graduates scheming to influence their NYSC postings to ‘desirable states’. The poor network of infrastructure in Nigeria is also a major problem. Many NYSC members have lost their lives due to road accidents during this period. The same can be said of state of insecurity especially in the North-East part of Nigeria.

On the other hand, many graduates have received permanent job offers during their NYSC programme. Some have gone on to start thriving businesses in their respective states of primary assignments. To this group, the NYSC is a brilliant idea which must continue.

The aim of this talk is to bring various groups together to discuss the pros and cons of this programme. The panellists are stakeholders who have either gone through the NYSC programme or are planning on going through the programme. The talk also aims to formally bring the discussion to the open and provide a platform for Nigerians across the world (via online transmission) to share their views.

A formal paper will be developed at the end of this talk. The paper will highlight the views of Nigerians as regards the NYSC and will be made available for free online.