About Us

Young people will succeed if they are supported by those who are already successful. (from Mosaic website)

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. – Nelson Mandela

Vision: To inspire Nigerian graduates towards greater potential and impact

Mission: To achieve the above, we will:
1. Mentor via one on one matching
2. Train to develop requisite skills
3. Equip for career development and global impact


There is one word to describe every member of this team – PASSION

We are all passionate about Education and in particular, educating the future generation of Nigerian students with a view of instilling valuable skills in addition to the knowledge they receive from their various courses.
We believe that education goes beyond the daily academic modules but also includes skills which develop the mind and helps build the overall character of the student. This ensures that when he/she leaves school, they would be ready for the outside world.

What is Nuts and Bolts Nigeria about?
The project in summary involves providing free mentoring for selected students in the faculty. Interested students will go through a selection process to assess their drive, career plans and ability to remain committed to the project. The idea for this project has been in the pipeline for over a year and we are now ready to kick-start with the University of Lagos.

The concept of mentoring is not new in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. However, with this group, we will provide sustained and ideas driven mentoring in a way that has not been done previously in Nigeria. Together, using our experience and knowledge base, we will over the next few months, provide

One – on- one coaching,
Group trainings on standard industry software and hardware and in general,
Career mentoring.

Who are the mentors?
We currently have a team of mentors who are Engineering graduates and are experts in their various fields – Academia, Health and Safety, Robotics, Geo-Informatics, Engineering management and so on. This list is growing.

What would the mentors do?
The group will organize free online training workshops to be coordinated by volunteer mentors teaching students industry standard programming languages, skills that they need to build and develop (team work, self motivating, leadership and so on), CV writing, etc. Our overall goal is to build the student and prepare him/her for life after school.

In addition, our website will be open to all students nationwide and on it, our mentors will help to edit CVs and answer questions from users who log on.

The website will also be used for regular quiz/project competitions to promote healthy competitions amongst users.